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Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now that's Justice!

Being so very busy these days to the point that a cold caught me, took my voice and laid me down for several days.

During this time, I began reading Sir John Templeton's book "Wisdom from World Religions" an even the Introduction had some passages which I want to share and address:

The world operates on spiritual principles just as it operates on the laws of physics and gravity. ...You might ask, "What is a spiritual law?" We may answer that it is a timeless law or principle and, being of spirit, is not visible. However, spiritual law is quite real. Spiritual law is not shaped or determined by any person's current opinion or whim. Spiritual laws are impartial in that they apply equally to everyone, everywhere throughout our world. They work without prejudices or bias at all times and in all places. These laws are self-enforcing and are not dependent on human authority or commandments.
The rest of Sir Templeton's book is to assist us in mastering these "laws of life."

During the illness, I believe that I found that the process of creation is what lies between invisible thought and visible action. The more we think on Spiritual Laws and the fact that we are not able to change them (nor should we want to if we could), the more enjoyable life becomes. You can live without a mink coat for warmth, a hummer for transportation, a 20-room house for shelter, and less -- so much less. This does not mean that those who already have these things for themselves and five other people should go out and get more because I am not using them.

Somehow I believe that it may take a sudden and mass revelation having the purpose to awaken all of us at once -- aligning us in one mind for the mutual benefit of all for how ever brief the moment. Possibly it would hold and that would be the move to Justice!

As the Gregorian clander year of 2007 (9) comes to a close, may the year 2008 (1) allow us to see that what all of the great prophets, sages, and holy ones throughtout time have asked us to "see" is that we are all one.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


In Loving Memory of

Nana Akuamoah the 7th of Ghana, W. Africa
Mrs. Natia Bliadze & Mr. Bliadze
Tom Fuss
(a reader's special friend)
Dorothy Grace Price (Helen's Mom)
Dorothy Wilson (Darnell's Mom)
Minister Karen "Butterfly" Hall
Wilhelmina Mary Panyik
Francince Elizabeth Coles
Emmett Crocheron ~ The Patriarch
Samuel Solomon Ogolla Aluoka
(Otineo's Dad)
Erastus Oyugi
(leaving 3 baby girls)
Michael James Hong
(a friend & student)

This list was first published on September 1, 2005 at 12:50 a.m. and will continually be updated. If there are names that you would like added, please note them in the comment section of this entry.

It is in reverence that I recall your name
honor the form in which you last stood
Being left behind
I secure a pose of gratitude
to have this opportunity.

How precious was your first breath
How inadequate was my attention to your presence
How short the time we had in which to meet
How holy is our union in Spirit
How blessed is the world to have you visit.

We are forever One.

[The artwork above entitled "Balasana" is published here by permission from the artist Bonnie Herman Zachary at zacharyart.com. The memorial is authored by the Founder of Peace of the World International.]

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Did You Know That I Know Your Journey?"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Click Here to sign the Darfur Petition!

Friday, December 29, 2006



At Peace of the World International, we are a not-for-profit organization and run entirely on the kindness and generosity of donors like you all over the world. At present, we in addition to the projects listed above by Dr. Asaviour, we have the on-going projects which we are are requesting your assistance:

  • To support offices in Kenya, Ghana & Pakistan (approx. $7,200 per year to be sent to the individual offices)
  • HIV-AIDS testing kits to Kenya, Ghana, & Pakistan (approx. $300 for 60+ kits for each country office or equivilent number of kits sent directly to each country)
  • First Aid kits for children in Kibera's Samaritan Ark (approx. $300 or kits totaling the amount shipped directly to Kenya)
  • Sanitary Towels for girls in Kenya slums -- project in cooperation with CPDA Kenya (approx. $700 or equal amount in towels sent directly to Kenya)
  • Sponsor for establishment of incubator to host recycling plant in Kibera – Kenya
    (approx. $5,000)
  • Stipend for students attending vocational training classes (approx. $2,520 for 30 students in each country; funds will be sent directly to each country for distribution)
  • Furniture and Equipment for Kenya, Ghana, & Pakistan offices (approx. $3,000 each to be sent to the individual offices)
  • 3 vehicles - van/truck [one for each Peace of the World Intl locations – Kenya, Ghana, & Pakistan (approx. $9,000 each)
  • Funds for over-limit shipping of supplies and goods to to Kenya, Ghana, & Pakistan (approx. $240 for each country)
  • 12 computers with peripherals (approx. $2,000 [x 3 for each of the three locations –Kenya, Ghana & Pakistan] or the equivalent product sent directly to the country in need of product)
  • Payment for telephone installation and 6-months service in Kenya, Ghana, & Pakistan (approx. $480 for 6 months for each country)
  • Salaries for staff for the next one year (approx. $21,940 for each location)

Currently, Peace of the World International is running three locations under the direction of three different organizatios in their respective countries. All details can be forwarded to you as contributions are made or as requested here.

To make contributions, please use the MC/Visa "Donate" Button to the left of the screen under Peace of the World International. This button also allows contributions through PayPal should you wish to use that method. Thank you for all you do for Peace & the world's children.

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